Asian Elephant Conservation Programme in Bangladesh

About Bangladesh Forest Department

Bangladesh Forest Department (BFD), under the Ministry of Environment and Forests of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, is the mother organization that is involved in the management of Forests and wildlife in Bangladesh. Its vision is the Conservation of forests, environment and biodiversity and socio-economic development through modern technology and innovation. BFD’s mission is the Forest expansion, biodiversity conservation, poverty alleviation and wildlife conservation through active participation of people. The goal and objective of BFD is,

  • To protect the balance of environment and ecosystem;
  • To follow and implement the rules and procedure of international convention, treaty and protocol related to forests, biodiversity and wildlife;
  • To conserve and manage wildlife;
  • To conserve biodiversity;
  • To expand ecotourism;
  • To manage and develop the coastal and wetland biodiversity;
  • To sequestrate carbon and go for carbon trading;
  • To raise climate resilient plantation, create new forest and collect and supply forest produces;
  • To protect the stability of land based production system;
  • To develop natural and socio-economic condition;
  • To expand forest and social forestry activities;
  • To manage all protected areas including wildlife sanctuary, national park, botanical garden, eco-park and safari park properly.

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